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                                                                                      98 Days

Trans-Can Pres cover

In the Summer of 2009  myself and my partner Ryan cycled 6270 miles on mountain bikes across the entirety of Canada. We rode along the Pacific coast of Vancouver Island, across the snow covered peaks of the Canadian Rockies, through the Great Plains of Albert, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, up along the northern coastline of the Great Lakes, and through the Canadian Maritimes of the Atlantic coast all the way to St. John's, Newfoundland. This is a fun and entertaining presentation that will not only have you laughing at our quirky views and perspectives about our life on the road, but it will also inspire you to set goals, persevere, and take risks in life.

                                                                                      So you want to ride across

                                                                                      the country?

Trans-USA 10&11 cover

This is a nuts and bolts presentation on the hows, whats, wheres and whens of doing a cross-country ride. I explain the whole training process, the options with which a rider/s can choose - supported or non-supported - and what kinds of bikes and gear are needed for a Trans-American crossing. Within this primer on Trans-Am riding I'll show you my 2010 4012-mile solo trip and my 2011 3700-mile solo trip across the United States, and draw from those experiences.  In 2010 I started the journey high up in the north country of the Eastern US at Houlton, Maine and ended the trip fifty-five days later  at Puget Sound in Everett, Washington. My 2011 trip entailed a more southerly route that started in Washington, DC, and ended on the coast of Oregon. Each trip and route had its own peculiar set of logistical issues to deal with, the largest of which was weather patterns. And conversely, each trip was similar in that they both were about perseverance and solitude as I battled the notorious westerly headwinds day after day, and rode hours on end alone with only the road and the endless landscapes of the Great Plains to keep me company. 


American Dirt 2012 cover2

                            American Dirt 2012: First


After 3 trans-continental crossings under my belt i attempted to to do a supported ride across the United States and ride as much as possible on dirt and gravel surfaces - a trip that up to this date, has never been attempted let alone accomplished. This was a self-financed journey of epic proportions with respect to the logistics, the equipment, the time, and the money. I'll take you through the good times, the bad times...and the terrible times that we encountered on this 3700-mile ride across the backroads of America. In this presentation I use of an extensive amount of helmet-cam HD video  in addition to the still photography.

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                        February 24, 2011 Newspaper & Online story of American Dirt in

                                        the Akron Beacon Journal & on