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Rock Climbing:  Successfully led up to 5.9 Traditional routes and 5.10d Sport routes in: New River Gorge, West Virginia; Coopers Rock, West Virginia; Seneca Rocks, West Virginia; Red River Gorge, Kentucky; Eldorado Canyon, Colorado; Lumpy Ridge, Colorado, Rumney Rocks, New Hampshire

Alpine Mountaineering:  Ascents of: Glittertind Mountain in the Norwegian Alps; Mount Pyramiden in Spitsbergen, Norway; Mount Washington in the White Mountains of New Hampshire 

Adventure Cycling: Solo Mt. bike around the periphery of Iceland; 2-person Trans-Canada 6200 miles from Vancouver Island to Cape Spear, Newfoundland; Solo Mt. bike Trans-USA 4000 miles along the Northern Tier Route from eastern Maine to Washington state; Solo Mt. bike Trans-USA 3700 miles across the Central United States from Washington, DC to Oregon coast; 2012 Supported attempt of American Dirt - all soft-surface crossing of the US - on Mt. bike from Washington, DC to Oceanside, California; 2015-2017 Supported American Dirt - all soft-surface crossing of the US - on Mt. bike from Lewes, DE to Mendecino, CA

Backpacking: Glacier National Park; Zion National Park; Canyonlands National Park; Redwood National Park; Grand Canyon National Park; Chiricahua Wilderness, Arizona; Rocky Mountain National Park; Picture Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan; Black Forest Trail; Parts of the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania; Parts of the Appalachian Trail in New Hampshire; Oil Creek Trail, Pennsylvania; Otter Creek Wilderness, West Virginia; Dolly Sods Wilderness, West Virginia; Baffin Island 90-mile traverse of the Cumberland Peninsula; Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada; Arctic Circle Trail, Greenland; Laugavegur Trail, Iceland; North to south traverse across Iceland

Speed Hiking: Solo speed traverse of the Presidential Range in New Hampshire in 10:01:13 hrs; Two person traverse of the Presidential Range in 9:30:29 hrs; Solo speed hike of the 42.5-mile Black Forest Trail in 14:11 hrs; PR of 52 miles in 15:23 hrs along RR line in Ohio


10+ marathons with a PR of 3:02

1/2 marathon PR of 1:22

10K PR of 37:00

5K PR of 17:21

Run Across Finland Relay of 900 miles

Finland-Russia Relay of 1000 miles

Ran as pacer for 1992 Mohican 100-mile ultra winner Keith Heilman



International Distance with a PR of 2:08:26

Half IM with a PR of 4:23:47
IM with a PR of 11:54:19

Competitive Cycling

1998 Ohio District Time Trial - 2nd overall; 1998 Presque Isle Time Trial - 2nd overall

1998 Kokomo Time Trial Series - 1st overall; Roadie V TT Time Trial Series - 2nd overall

1997 Ohio District Time Trial - 1st overall; 1997 Masters National Championship Time Trial - 15th overall; 40K TT PR of 53:39


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Black Forest Mountain Biking by Pete Gladden

Tucked away in the Northcentral mountains of Pennsylvania is the magical Black Forest. Here lie hundreds of miles of quiet one-lane gravel fire roads that criss-cross the mountains and valleys like a giant tangle of spiderweb. This is home to some of the finest recreational mountain bike riding in the Eastern United States. Black Forest Mountain Biking is the consummate cycling guide to this area. It features a comprehensive introduction, the most current information on roads, tracks, food and lodging, mileage breakdowns for pre-designed routes, and entertaining riding descriptions. Whether you are a seasoned dirt pro or a newcomer to mountain biking, this guide is a must. 

Indoor Cycling book cover

Excel In Cycling: Seven Seasons of Winter Indoor 

Workouts  by Pete Gladden

We're all so fixated on time with respect to our training, and it's obvious that all cyclists need to train smart to make themselves stronger. But there are limits as to how much time we actually have to invest in the whole training process. That's where learning how to become a proficient cyclist gains importance. And that's what this book is all about. Excel in Cycling is a text composed of seven years worth of workout programs based on cycling economy, efficiency, form and technique. I'll give you a quick synopsis of all the the drills employed in the training regimes in this book, followed by seven year's worth of training programs that are broken up by ability levels. So no matter what season or ability level you choose - there's a methodology behind it. 



In 1994 I became an Associate Editor of Triathlete Magazine. My responsibilities included covering age-group and elite national and world championship events as both a photographer and writer. In addition to the on-the-road coverage for Triathlete, I wrote and shoot athlete profile pieces. 

different drummer

I was also the official photographer of Pittsburgh's Great Race 10K and the Honolulu Marathon, a photo stringer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer when the paper was covering running, triathlon and multi-sports, and I was a regular with Runner's World Magazine. Finally, I was a contributor to Ohio Runner Magazine, a publication devoted to the coverage of the Ohio running scene.

New Caldonia




Paul A. Landry and Peter J. Gladden saved Michael E. Graves from drowning, Pangnirtung, Nunavut, July 31, 2001. Hiking a trail in a national park reserve above the Arctic Circle, Graves, 54, attempted to wade across a channel of the Turner River, a glacial stream that carried meltwater from Turner Glacier into Glacier Lake. He lost his footing and was swept by the swift, turbulent water into the ice-cold lake. During rescue attempts, three other members of his group also lost their footing in the channel and were carried into the lake. Another hiking group, led by Landry, 45, tour guide, was within sight of the scene and witnessed the accident. Accompanied by Gladden, 44, business owner, and another man from his group, Landry responded to the mouth of the river. Having quickly lost feeling, Graves was farther from shore than the three others but was being kept buoyant somewhat by his backpack. Landry and Gladden aided the three others from the water, then, having removed some attire, they waded and swam to Graves, who was about 75 feet into the lake. Grasping Graves by the straps of his backpack, they swam toward shore, pulling him, as the coldness of the water sapped their strength. Reaching shore, they removed Graves from the water with difficulty, then worked to warm him and themselves. Landry put out a call for help, and within hours Graves and his party were evacuated from the scene by a parks service boat, which took them to a ranger station for treatment. Graves suffered effects of exposure to the cold water, but he fully recovered.

                           Medal of Bravery (M.B.)

The Medal recognizes acts of bravery in hazardous circumstances.

It is a circular silver medal: on the obverse of which is a maple leaf surrounded by a wreath of laurel, and on the reverse of which appear the Royal Cipher and Crown and the inscription BRAVERY.BRAVOURE.

Decorations for Bravery

Mr. Peter Gladden, M.B.

Hudson Ohio, 44236

Medal of Bravery

Date of Instrument: February 26, 2002

Date of Presentation: December 9, 2002

On July 31, 2001, Peter Gladden and Paul Landry risked their lives to rescue four hikers who were overcome by the current while crossing a fast-flowing river at the base of Turner Glacier in Auyuittuq National Park, Baffin Island, Nunavut. Gladden and Landry were at their campsite when they saw the hikers being carried downstream into Glacier Lake. Using hiking poles, the rescuers crossed the forceful waters of a series of deep-braided rivers to reach a sand bar near the quicksand portion of the lake. They then removed part of their heavy, wet clothing and swam the ten metres that separated them from three of the hikers huddled together. As they pulled the trio to safety, they noticed that the fourth hiker was drifting farther out into the lake. Despite exhaustion and the onset of hypothermia. Gladden and Landry dove back into the freezing water, made their way some 25 metres out to the unconscious victim, kept afloat by his backpack, and pulled him back to shore. Thanks to the efforts of Gladden and Landry, all survived the ordeal.